Testimonials ForRenee Dee

“…stellar work during the home buying process.”

I wanted to take a moment and thank you both for your respective, stellar work during the home buying process. The more time that Kelly and I have spent in the neighborhood and in the house, the more we realize that it is the right place for us. Our personalization of the interior is well underway, and in about a month it will look quite a bit more like a home.

Renee, thanks for the professionalism, local knowledge, and your general spirit. It’s fair to say that without your involvement, this house would not be ours. You truly sold this home, versus just brokering it. I would have never looked at it without your assistance. Best of luck in your own home selling adventure!

Schaun, thanks for the speedy turnarounds and the patience when I added a couple of wrinkles late in the game. it was handled efficiently and professionally – so the extra twists and turns really didn’t feel like much of anything.

In a way it’s sad that this is a longer-term process, as I truly enjoy working with people who are passionate and professional about their work. I don’t know if you noticed, but I am wired in a similar fashion. I wish you both prosperity and success going forward, and please let me know if I am ever needed as a reference, etc. I would gladly work with both of you again!